Max Longin

I was surprised to see his float bed image in my mail for one good reason. I first saw it last friday at a conference about the 2007 Fashion and Home Trends. One of the issues covered there was about today's traditional designs vs. contemporary designs, and they displayed his float bed on the screen along with other samples. I didn't even get the designer's name at that time, so it was a nice surprise, indeed. Thanks, Max.

Max Longin, born 1964, is the Mannheim/Germany-based mathematician behind these two innovative designs, Float Bed (2004) and Stream Chair (Sept. 2006).

Stream Chair is a sculptural series of chairs, with each individual asymmetry creates energy, and in a row, it leads to a whole new dimension. If you're curious about this mathematician cum designer, check out Sensory Impact's past interview with Max Longin.


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