Lollipop Tree

I took a short 2-day course on Reduction Color Linocut few weeks ago. It was just for fun really. I picked up the prints I made last Thursday, and here's half of them. I got a chance to make eight prints actually, but I only have four presentable prints to show off here. The other four are complete disasters. :)

Natassja called it Lollipop Tree once, when I was carving the lino plate at home. And I thought it's a pretty nice name, so Lollipop Tree, it is. My first linocut.

Linocut is definitely harder than I thought it would be. I really had to control the tools in order to get the exact drawn lines carved onto the lino, which I was not very good at. Plus, I have shaky hands, so this doesn't do any good on registering the color either. But my instructor was encouraging enough to say that sometimes mistakes can add characters to the print. Hmm, really? I know she's just being nice. :) Nonetheless, I enjoyed it very much, and next, I'll be introduced to etchings. I can't wait!


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