Envirosax for Kids

Goodness does come in kids sizes. :) They are available here in Singapore.

Thanks, Olivia!


Amongst the Japanese home textile brands I've known so far, OTTAIPNU is my top favorite. It seems to be run by the same people of UNPIATTO. Searches on either one led to the same products, which are textile works by Masaru Suzuki, who is also a Textile Design part-time lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University.

All pictures above were taken from its old blog. You could find their new textile blog here.

Titou le Lapinou

I know I'd never mentioned anything related to the music industry before, but it's really hard. not. to. share this one here. :) It's the Electro Pop children songs by Titou le Lapinou. They're in French btw, but really, I have to warn you, once you watch the music videos, you can't get them out of your head! Too cute, too adorable, and they are goooood! Ask your kids to watch along, I'm sure they'd looove it as much as my two girls did. :)

Above is just one of the Titou le Lapinou music videos found on YouTube. I love this song the most, but you can click here for more.


Svärmor wallpaper

Shoe lovers, here's one wallpaper for you, Svärmor by Lisa Bengtsson. Remember Lisa Bengtsson's famous wallpaper FAMILJEN, with the black and white frames? Adding into her collection is Svärmor, which means mother-in-law in Swedish. As Sara, a friend and manager of Lisa Bengtsson, simply explained, mother-in-law is also another happy family member. :) And yes please, we do need more shoes.

Thanks, Sara!

IVANAhelsinki Fall/Winter 08/09

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you'd know IVANAhelsinki is my personal favorite. :) Here are some pics from IVANAhelsinki Fall/Winter 08/09 "BirdRing" collection. Its catwalk show will be held on this coming Saturday, February 23, 7.30 pm at Hotel Westin, Salon Concorde, 3 rue de Castiglione , 75001 PARIS. There will be a live performance by Au Revoir Simone (New York) followed with IVANAhelsinki after party with the live gig of Au Revoir Simone. Click on the invitation below for more details.
Plus, IVANAhelsinki will present the "BirdRing" collection at W-Workshop, Hotel Regina (Rue du Rivoli 192, PARIS) from February 27 to March 2, 2008. Click here to find out more.

pssst, you must see the video of IVANAhelsinki Spring/Summer 2008 catwalk show posted on their site. Must!!

Thanks, Pirjo!

Wallcollection, Denmark

A recent visit to SPAGAT introduced me to Wallcollection. It's a collaboration between Ferm Living and Benchbox, offering custom-made wallpaper designed by selected talented international artists, like Julia Rothman, Wendy Plovmand, Mette Løber, and more. Or, you could use your own wallpaper design and have it done to your desired size! Doesn't it sound fantastic?

(via SPAGAT)


Another beauuuuutiful collection from Japan, QUARTER REPORT. My top favorites are their oh-so-innovative draperies and that "houses" window decals. But those are not the only things they offer, you could also find baby bibs, slippers, rugs, or even mugs on their product collections.

And you. must. see. their production process slideshows, which can be found under Story, like these two snapshots shown above. Breathtaking. Currently QUARTER REPORT is open for wholesale trade only.

kata kata, Japan

I've been obsessed with Japanese textiles lately, so here's one from Japan, kata kata. I couldn't tell you much since I can't read/write Japanese, but I do adore their pattern designs, which are designed by Chie Takai and Takeshi Matsunaga. They produce bags, coasters, cushion covers, book covers and fabric panels out of these designs.

Here are some pictures from their website and blog. It looks like one charming shop with wonderful patterns, doesn't it? I wish I could visit it and perhaps, get one of those bags. :)

Happy Hearts Day!! We're are going for Indian cuisine tonight. Not exactly the kind of food you'd think of on Valentine's Day, but hey... we looove it! :) You have a great evening, too, okay? xox

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's going to be a long weekend here (yay!) as people of Singapore welcome the year of Rat. On the right is an image of Rat paper cut found here. And here's something fun to read: Know Your Luck in the Year of Rat 2008.

I'll be away from the blogland until next week, so please click here, here, and here for more great reads.

To those who celebrate it, I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

See ya soon. Take care.

You Make My Day

I was given the "You Make My Day" award by Irene two days ago. I was so honered and flattered to hear it from a popular blogger like Irene, whose blog, Bloesem, has been a favorite of mine since its day one. Thank you, Irene!

So here's how the "You Make My Day" award works:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make your day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they've won by commenting on their blogs.

Yes, I agree with Irene, it is a torture(!) to just pick 5 blogs. Seriously. I have numerous blogs that make my day, I'm sure some blogs obviously know how much I love them. ;-) But since I could only pick 5 of them, please don't hate me. :)

So my "You Make My Day" awards go to:

Kim and Jo of Desire to Inspire. Their posts on gorgeous interiors, talented photographers and stylists from around the world have been great indulgences to my excessive magazine addiction. And believe me, even my husband is so thankful to have such blog. :)

Jan of Poppytalk. I've been reading her blog since my early days in the blogland. She was one of the few women who inspired me to start my own blog. And she's a blogger mom, too. I treasure her great eye on graphics, typography, photography, vintage and handmade items. And her awesome(!) collection of tutorials, too, of course.

Bowie of Print & Pattern. Every single visit to her blog never(!) fails to make me happy. I could get overly excited everytime I read her posts. Really. Truly. Honestly. I'm pretty sure you do too. It is a treat that everyone must have. Must, I say!

Birdie of dear ada. This is the blog that has been teaching me a lot(!) about appreciating art in different forms. Birdie has an amazing and tasteful eye on art. Because of her, I made a resolution this year to visit at least one art exhibition every week. I really hope I can keep this up for the whole year.

Ms. Spinach of Fashion Is Spinach. I was not a big fan of fashion, but Ms. Spinach had somewhat changed my views on fashion, and more importantly... on how to dress up myself(!). She has a great fashion sense and a very addictive style of writing. Plus... very influential(!) shopping guides. I did a total wardrobe makeover last December because of her fashion influences. :) So you see, I cut costs on magazines, and spend them on fashion(!). Great financial decision, no? :)

betsy goes to china dot com

Look what Betsy is up to in China. So envious, I wish I could go there one day. Above are some inspiring pictures found on betsy goes to china dot com. And yes, the right pic above is the Beijing National Stadium, or the "Bird's Nest". It's the stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics. What a lucky lady.


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