Qatar's Museum of Islamic Art

Breathtakingly designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect I.M. Pei. Unveiled Nov 22. Read more here and watch more here.


Playing Princess for a Day in Japan

It sure sounds like a smart(!) business to me. Banking on fun. Please read the complete story here.

Design by the Book

I might be the last one in the blogland to learn about this. But I've just read a friendly email from Grace, informing me about her latest project, a collaboration between design*sponge and The New York Public Library.

They are following 5 artists (Julia Rothman, John Pomp, Mike Perry, Moontree Press and Lorena Barrezueta) as they create collections inspired by the library's collections. And they've just launched the first video. And yes, you must. must. must. watch the video above. I surely hope more and more creators, designers, artists, or students would get inspired to visit local libraries. There are exciting things waiting to be found. No kidding, go see yourself.

Get the full story of Design by the Book here.

Thanks, Grace!


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