Amy Butler

Here's one BRILLIANT fabric designer! Amy Butler. I should try getting some of her fabrics one of these days. :) I would love to make some girls' clothings out of these fabrics for my girls. I think most crafters know about Amy Butler's fabrics. I've seen some people using it to make bags, clothings, and toys. For those who've just started out doing crafts, try your hands on these fabrics. They've just introduced a new line of fabrics for home decor purposes called Sunbloom. To visit their webstie, click here.

Hello Tamara!

I'd like to dedicate today's entry for my newborn girl, Tamara. She was born last Thursday, BIG and healthy. :) Not an easy labor as the first one, but she's just as adorable. Pretty much looking like her sister, except the eyes, ears, nose and hair. I don't think her hair would be curly like her sister's, but hey, I could be wrong. I guess I'll know in few months time. Finally, I can say I'm a mother of two. :) Cheers.


It's true when they say that Britain is well known for its shirtmakers. I'd never heard of this brand before until I went to UK last year, and... boy, I adore THOMAS PINK shirts and ties! Although I don't feature the mens shirts here, but they make shirts for both gender. Their bright colored stripe shirts are hard to resist! So who needs dull and boring colors for work when you can have this. Go and brighten up your day in the office, THIS is what I called dressed for success! THOMAS PINK shirts are available in UK, Europe, US, and China.

Pine Cone Hill

Here's one brand that has many gorgeous pajamas around, Pine Cone Hill. With pajamas like these, I'd have sweet dreams every night. 100% cotton and beautiful designs, Pine Cone Hill collections are sure to put you in a comfort rest. They have whole range of beddings, home furnishings, and furniture. I specially LOOOOOOVE... this piece of Wing Chair with Black Walnut finish and bright color fabric. You can visit them on their trade shows around the United States. See the details here.

ELSEWARES, Independent Art & Design

Disposable placemats, hm...., who would've thought of that? You could find a lot of interesting items at ELSEWARES, a New York based online shop featuring quirky creations of U.S. designers. They have all sort of things, from t-shirts to home accessories. Browsing their site is like attending a design exhibition. Another good thing is... they ship worldwide! Check out their details here.

More on einzelwerk

AHA! Jan from einzelwerk has just told me that Nahino is taken from the first 2 letters of the designer's name, Nadine Hildegard Nordhoff. And Nahino is also a the name of her company: NAHINO Manufactur. Surprisingly, einzelwerk brand is just about one year old, yet they've done so much. Impressive! BTW, I need to clarify the custom made thingy that I mentioned on my earlier posting. Well, what I meant was actually TRAUMTASCHEN, which is a facility on einzelwerk website where you can choose the model, colors, motif from the available selections, and it displays how the bag would look like. So, you don't actually have to squeeze your brain to come out with your own design. :) Sorry for the mistake. Thanks again for the clarifications, Jan.


Alpana Bawa is an Indian designer based in New York. Her work is very much Indian inspired, using bright colors and embroidery. And they are just brilliantly gorgeous! You can see her past and current collections at alpana's site. To grab her gorgeous items, visit her store locations details here. Weird enough though, it doesn't seem that she has a store in India.


einzelwerk is a German brand created by Nahino. I'm not too sure if Nahino is the name of designer or a company, because their entire website is in German and I have no knowledge of German. Anybody who knows German, feel free to add in more info. Anyway, this brand is worth mentioning. I love its designs, they are simple, cool and hip. Einzelwerk adopts the 70's style on all its messenger bags and shopper totes. Each individual item is hand made, making each item is a unique piece of art. That explains why the items are priced between SGD 99.00 to SGD 140.00 Einzelwerk accepts custom made orders, and its items are available on Ebay, too. Only the custom made orders are available for international shipping though, so you have to be creative to get an Einzelwerk bag.


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