Emma Roux

Emma Roux is an artiste designer based in France who loves to work with acrylic on plexiglas. I love her use of bright, vivid colors, and the way she put silhouettes and illustrations together to make gorgeous artworks like the above pieces. She also produces some design works, such as chairs, tables, mirrors, decoration murals and desk. I heart the chairs!

Her site has its english version, but I couldn't browse it due to some technical errors (browsing/downloading errors, perhaps). If you had the same problem as mine, just browse through its French version. It works just fine.

MOO's Free Flickr MiniCards

Forget about my one-entry-per-day rule, this is just too good not to be shared today. I found out about these free MiniCards thru Karin's blog, and I ordered mine immediately. I'm just so so so kiasu! haha!

Moo has just launched Flick MiniCards, and they are giving away free MiniCards for the first 10,000 Flickr pro users, GLOBALLY! Go get yours.

BLAD series by Samlade Former

When I saw the BLAD jewelry tree holder over at anneli's blog, I knew I just couldn't get over the tree and leaves design yet. Samlade Former is run by designer Matilda Wester, based in Sweden. The Lampa BLAD was released in 2005, while other BLAD series were recently launched in July this year. Click here to contact Matilda.

SHEHERAZADE by Ombre Portee

That is one difficult name to pronounce, but it's sure easy to fall in love with these hanging or standing lights, by Ombre Portee, France. Both lights are US, UK, Japan and Europe compatible. I just wish they had the english version site working, but as ppl always say..., pictures speak a thousand words.


Here are few things I got in my mail box during my blogging absence. I know some of you might've read them already, but I thought it'd be good to highlight them here. For those who haven't done so, go clicking.
  • DESIGNSPOTTER Exhibition at the International Furniture Fair IMM COLOGNE

    It's a lifetime opportunity to exhibit your creation at the prestigious IMM International Furniture Fair 2007 in Cologne organized by designspotter. Each applicant only presents ONE product dated 2005/2006. Designspotter reserves the right to choose the successful applicants, so please choose your product wisely. Read all the details here.

  • Three Layer Cake's Maison & Objet September 2006 Review.
    I always like reading Kristina's Trends and Trade Fair Reviews and this one is no exception. Be more informed here.

  • Design*sponge came up with a brilliant idea, setting up a new feature recently, design*sponge guest blog, where Grace will have different designers blog about their finds for every two weeks. Awesome! Don't miss her latest podcast with one of my favorite designers, angela adams!

  • And how about that decor8 + Fabulous Stationery contest? It will end soon, September 28! Good thing is, it's open for overseas participants. Send in your best photo of your workspace to win gift certificates from fabulous stationery. Read all the details here.
    Holly, thanks for the wonderful magazines you sent me. I enjoyed them very much! You couldn't imagine how many magazines I've read the past two weeks. Haha! Thank you, thank you!

Troubled by lightnings

I've been away from the computer for too long, way too long. I couldn't help it. Blame it on the rainy days here. After we got back from Perth, we found that our iMac was burnt by lightning. Well, at least that's what we were told. It happened simply because we forgot to get the power plug off the wall, and it took time to order and replace the burnt parts. I finally got it back last friday. Luckily for us, it was under Apple Protection Plan, so it didn't cost us a thing. *phew*

Guess what, I don't think our iMac was the only thing that's burnt by lightning. Our built-in microwave was suddenly dead last Monday, and the repairman came down last Thursday telling us that the fuse got blown out. He suggested to get a new one instead of repairing it, considering that the microwave is around 7 years old. It came with the unit which we bought 3 years ago. So I need to find a replacement that fits into that built-in hole. This one will definitely cost us something.

The weather is kinder the past few days, but then again, I'd say Singapore has a different kind of weather, compare to other places I had lived in before. Hot & sunny in the morning with thunder in the late afternoon are pretty common to happen on the same day. Afterall, Singapore is an island, so it won't take long to get rainy after sunny.

Off to Perth

It's Natassja's term break and we'll be taking the kids off to Perth, Australia, tomorrow night. We'll be back in one week time. Meanwhile, I leave you with these japanese links:That should be enough for a week's browsing. Need more fabulous reads? check out the links listed on the sidebar. Enjoy!

Events: Singapore Biennale & IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings

Singapore Biennale 2006 will start on September 4, 2006 and it will run until November 12, 2006. It's a major international contemporary art exhibition, featuring more 95 artists and artists collectives from over 38 countries and regions. For a list of participating artists, click here.

Another event is THE event that the whole nation has been waiting for. It's the IMF-World Bank Group Annual Meetings, September 11 - 20, 2006. With about 16,000 visitors are expected to participate in the Annual Meetings, Singapore has been extremely busy sprucing up everything and anything, from landscaping to services. It's going to be a real nice welcome for all visitors.


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