Thank you, Bloesem!

Irene, thank you for the wonderful write up about my Inhabit pillows on Bloesem! I can't thank enough! xox :)


I was thrilled to hear the good news from Jaime of Design Milk about the opening of her new venture, Vitamin D(esign), an online design shop offering home goods by jefdesigns, avalisa, Brave Space, Sandra Fettingis, and Furni. From now till August 5, Vitamin D(esign) is giving 10% off on all orders over USD 100.

With great collections like Flora S. Bowley's paintings and giclee prints, Brave Space's Tetrad Mega Shelving, Envirosax's Reusable Shopping Bags, and Henry Road's Tea Towels, you surely don't want to miss your Vitamin D(esign). Check it out here.

Congratulations, Jaime!


Fragile Beauty, New Works on Paper by Chris Chun

I received Chris Chun's newsletter before my Jakarta trip, and asked him if it's okay to post his news here. :) Chris' upcoming Fragile Beauty exhibition will feature his new paintings collection. It will be held at the Washhouse Gallery in Rozelle, Sydney, Australia, from September 11 to 30, 2007. The opening night will be on Thursday, September 13. Seeing his previous work here would make you want to see what he's up to next on the Fragile Beauty showcase. Must be another beauuuuutiful paintings!! Don't miss it!

Thanks, Chris!

(above images are copyrighted properties of Chris Chun, please do not use without permission)

Diamond, Stripe & Revolver, Spring/Summer 2008 Collection by IvanaHelsinki.

Fashionistas, boutique owners bookmark these dates to view the upcoming IvanaHelsinki's Spring/Summer 2008 Collection! August 9 to 12 at the Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, and October 4 to 7, 2007 at Vendome, Paris Fashion Week. Pirjo sent me some images from the Diamond, Stripe & Revolver collection, but I don't think I could show them here. :) All I can say, save the dates and be there, you won't regret it!

Thanks, Pirjo!

Sweden pics.

We visited two cities in Sweden, Stockholm and Gothenburg, and one small town, Floda. You can view the pictures over at my flickr. I've included some short stories of the pictures, and I'll try to add in more over the weekend. Enjoy!

IvanaHelsinki, Finland - visit

When I visited IvanaHelsinki last June, I was amazed to see how they'd done up the whole visual merchandising display. It's really a treat just to be in the store, looking through the wonderful collection and the wall installations. Paula the retail staff (not Paola the designer!) was so nice to let me took some pictures while I was there.

I didn't tell Pirjo that I was coming to Helsinki, but I left a note for her with Paula. Soon after my visit, Pirjo emailed me with pictures of IvanaHelsinki's latest collection. These two catwalk shots are my top picks, but you can view more of their latest collection on their website here. For more pictures of the shop interiors, click here.

Helsinki pics.

I've just uploaded some pics from my recent trip on my flickr. I'll write more about the trip later, or some other day. :) For now, please enjoy some pictures of Helsinki, Finland. The rest of the holiday pictures will be uploaded on my flickr soon (but not today!). ;-)


It's been a busy summer for us this year, with a string of relatives visiting Singapore right after our holiday trip. Our last batch of visitors (my brother and his family) left last Thursday, but we'll be leaving this afternoon for Jakarta, Indonesia, for a cousin's wedding next week. Meanwhile, please enjoy these few links.

Jan's sample posts at Apartment Therapy!!

Congratulations to Jan for being selected as one of the finalists in AT's Blogger search. Woohoo!!! I'm so thrilled to see her posts on a big site like AT. Well deserved, Jan! :) Check out her posts on Kalon Studios, Lunar Lounge, and House Tour: John and Arounna's Toronto Loft, and comment away folks!

Builtby Lamps by Inhabit

You may call me bias, but as a consumer, I know when I see a smart product like Builtby Lamp. It allows you to create your very own lamp base using the available shapes, colors and finishes. Simply drag and drop the body pieces onto the lamp pole, then the swatches onto the pieces, and voila! you've just taken part in designing your lamp! ;-) If you're not the creative type, you can always opt for the Inhabit's Builtby Lamp designs here. Have fun!

Thanks, Mike!

ThreeLayerCake's this week interview with Kiki van Eijk

Next week, Kristina will be doing an interview with Kiki's partner, Joost van Bleiswijk. Don't miss it, stay tune to ThreeLayerCake!

Thanks, Kristina!

Take care.

I'm happy. extremely happy.

Yes, I'm on a break. Yes, it's past midnight here. And yes, we do have visitors in our home now (my parents inlaw!). But this is something I'd like to share with all of you.

I was just in the blogland for short reads after we returned from dinner (with my husband's big family, incl. my sister inlaws and their families). And I found a pleasant surprise while reading Julie's blog. My Inhabit pillows are now available for purchase at Inhabit!!! Thank you so much for the shoutout, Julie!

Here's the story. Around end of January, Mike of Inhabit asked me about having my Inhabit pillows for sale, due to a fair amount of requests for them. I agreed. But since I didn't see them available online for a while, I thought they might've changed their mind somehow. And I didn't dare to check with Mike if they really did. Fear of disappointment, I guess.

Boy oh boy. I am so glad they didn't change their mind. And they couldn't pick a better time to launch my Inhabit pillows. June. My birthday month. And no, I don't have an Art/Design background other than the short courses I took after I got married. I came from a technical background, and I previously worked in equities and e-commerce before I ventured into self-employment. So yes, it is really an overwhelming feeling to see the pillows (Flown, Dew, and Blush) being displayed next to my name. It is too generous, and I can't thank enough.

And yes, I'm a girlie girl, my eyes have been welled with tears from the time I wrote a thank you email to Julie, to Mike, and up to this moment. And yes, I will earn a tiny percentage from my Inhabit pillow sales. And yes, tomorrow I will call my family back home (Jakarta, Indonesia) and I will write emails to all my friends, spreading my joy. And yes, people may call me shameless. I'm just, happy... extremely happy.

Now, if I could just stop my tears and get myself to sleep. Thank you for reading. :)

(the top image was taken from my recent bday cake)


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