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Designspotter at the IMM Cologne 2008

From January 14 to 20, 2008, Designspotter offers you the great opportunity to present your product in the heart of the IMM 2008 to a wide audience of experts and visitors. To take part of this excitement, please read more details here. Thanks, Markus!

Designboost, October 17 - November 17, 2007

Designboost is an annual design event aiming to get a lead by collecting new ideas and thinking in different patterns, by twisting and turning questions, inspiration, injection or a push forward. As of today, there are a total of 20 speakers for Boost chats and Bosst duels, short lectures and panel discussions on different aspects of design. Click here to find out more. Thanks, David!

London Design Week at Print & Pattern

I'm a huge(!) fan of Print & Pattern show reports, and her current report on London Design Week is no exception. Hop on over to Print & Pattern and share my excitement.

Design*Sponge new website on Monday!

Grace's new website will be up on Monday, October 1, 2007. It will move to a new domain, DESIGNSPONGEONLINE.COM! Can you feel the thrill?? I really can't wait to see it live!

Poppytalk Handmade will open on Monday, too!

Oh look, look, I've just read Jan's blog, Poppytalk Handmade will be launching on Monday, too! Yay!

UPDATE: Poppytalk Handmade is launched on this domain, poppytalkhandmade.com. *congrats, Jan!*

Have a great weekend!


I've seen favoritsaker.se products featured on swedish magazines and around the blogland before. I remember seeing it over at Roomservice and Hemfeber before, so it's a nice surprise to see its newsletter in my mail this time.

You could find lovely items from Rice, Sandra Isaksson, Lotta K├╝hlhorn, koziol, and more at favoritsaker.se. And they also have this Alice plate I bought in Finland. I know the site is in Swedish, but it's no harm to have some visual treats, right? :)

btw, these koziol fruit/dessert tiered servers are so popular! Really. I've seen them too many times on japanese books and scandinavian magazines. And fyi, koziol will be at the Takashimaya Atrium Hall starting this weekend during the "best of brands" Germany promotion. ;-) Happy browsing!

Thanks, favoritsaker.se!

I got smitten!

Look! I got smitten last night. Literally. Yesterday was the first day of "Print Your Fabric" course. Yay! Thanks to this lady and this lady who helped in spreading the words about the course (and taking the course!).

And surprise, surprise, this lady brought me the debut issue of smitten! Project Smitten is the newest magazine in town, and it's all about shopping, shopping, shopping! So if you need anything to "furnish" yourself, from head to toe, or to furnish your home, smitten is the answer. But read at your own "wallet" risk. I'm eyeing on some of the items already. :)

So yes, last night I met ms. spinach and Su Ling for the first time. Ruzana was there too, but I've met her few times before. It's so nice to be in a class filled with inspiring ppl like them.

oh btw, I spotted one lady in our class carrying this Jill Bliss journal. Swoon.

IvanaHelsinki Spring/Summer 2008

Fabulously Gorgeous!! What more can I say? IvanaHelsinki has always been one of my personal favorites. I could hardly breathe when I first saw the pictures Pirjo sent me (above pics), and the catwalk pictures shown on fashionFinland.com (below pics). It's totally a different excitement seeing the bambi patterns Pirjo showed me last July, than seeing these patterns on actual clothings. It simply turns "oooh"s to "wow"s.

Don't miss the first ever interview with Paola Suhonen, the designer behind IvanaHelsinki, available on YouTube, conducted by Janne of Design Finland! On the interview, Paola talks more about IvanaHelsinki and her latest collection, Diamond, Stripes and Revolver, for Spring/Summer 2008. And if you'd like to see her collection first-hand, visit IvanaHelsinki at Vendome, Paris Fashion Week, on October 4 to 7, 2007.

hmmm, I wonder if Billet Doux would have these gorgeous dresses here soon. ;-)

Thanks Pirjo for the invitation!

laissezfaire's online poll

Su Ling of laissezfaire is conducting an online poll to find out the "Top 10 New Design Bloggers to Watch". As Su Ling said, "It will be great if through this process, more "lesser-known" design blogs could be uncovered and given the recognition they deserve." The result will be announce along with Home Rejuvenation's survey result. So folks, please vote for your favorite newbie design blogs (less than 1 year old) here!

Thanks, Su Ling!

for a good cause

A truly inspiring story at Spagat. I don't want to spoil the whole story here, it's for you to read at Spagat.

Here's a teaser taken from the creator of this fabulous pattern, Sidsel Gaustadnes. Please read all about it here. It's all for a good cause, after all.

dita's bazaar, Chile

Lovely screen prints on fabrics by Marisol of dita's bazaar. Wouldn't it be nice to see one of these on your Purl Bee inspired swatch portraits wall?

Thanks, Marisol!

LOVE pillows

Here's the LOVE pillows I was referring to on my earlier post.

Coussin Love by Maison de Vacances, France, seen on Three Layer Cake and at R.O.O.M. Copenhagen, Denmark.

R.O.O.M. Copenhagen

Seeing the LOVE pillows by Maison de Vacances on Three Layer Cake, reminds me of R.O.O.M. Copenhagen, Denmark. I went to R.O.O.M. on my second day in Copenhagen last June, and I saw the white LOVE pillow there.

R.O.O.M. Copenhagen is a fairly large store, occupying two storeys of home goodness. On the ground floor, you could find all the big pieces, like designer furniture and fabrics, and on its basement, you could find most Habitat products. Too bad I couldn't spend too much time there as I found the shop just ten minutes before closing time. :)

Three Potato Four

Grace sent me a link to Three Potato Four, an online shop based in Reston, Virginia, USA, run by collectors Janet Morales and Stu Eli. If you love vintage collection of apples and pears, you need to bookmark this shop, because their apple and pear collections are almost sold out!!

As I was browsing the shop, I could easily tell that Janet & Stu are collectors with great taste. It doesn't just show on their vintage collection, but it also shows on their selection for modern objects, which include Shinzi Katoh bags, Nantaka Joy journals, One Good Bumblebee papers and prints. Click here to see more of Three Potato Four. Enjoy!

Thanks, Grace!

Home Rejuvenation's Survey

Look what Stan and Kus of Home Rejuvenation have in store! They are inviting bloggers and readers to nominate up to five highly influential design bloggers. Please note this is not a nomination for personal favorite blogs, they are looking for the most influential design bloggers and blogs. Click here to find out more. I've casted my votes.

Thanks, Stan!


Here are some goodies I found on my mailbox in the past few weeks.

Seimi Baby Rinki highchair at RollAbout

Made of solid birch wood, Rinki is a stool that can be easily changed into a highchair. *isn't that brilliant?* Designed by Hannu Peltonen for seimi baby collection, it's available for purchase at RollAbout, a Swedish online shop. Thanks, Linda!

Stephanie Levy

Stephanie Levy is an American artist living in Germany who creates mixed media collages and paintings depicting fictional interiors. This September, you could find some of her collages at SQFT Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Other works (like shown above) can be ordered directly from her site. Thanks, Stephanie!

blue bell bazaar

Which one is cuter? this or the girly one? Thanks, Gosia!


LeLittleShop.com, a french online shop offers decor items from Presse Citron, Le Labo Design, Ibride, and more. Thanks, Laurent!

dan golden Rug Collection

I first saw dan golden Rug Collection over at Pan-Dan sometime ago, but Ford of dan golden wrote me the nicest (and the most professional!) introduction email, so I think it's worth to be mentioned here again. Dan golden rugs must be the most daring and entertaining (a good starting point to break the ice!) rugs I've ever seen, and the designers behind it must be bold and confident ppl who believe in their work. And THAT is really worth spreading the words around. Thanks, Ford!

adam & viktoria at Tonic Home

When Linda of Tonic Home (Florida, USA) showed me these pillows by adam & viktoria on her email, I have to admit, it's love at first sight! Just look at these pillows, how could you not love them?!

adam & viktoria was founded in 2000 by two swedish designers, Viktoria Nygren, a fashion and textile designer and Adam Gistedt, an industrial, interior and furniture designer, who has worked with Habitat and Boije Design AB. Their designs are often eclectic mix of colours, patterns and shapes inspired by different cultures and times.

As described on Tonic Home, these vibrant pillows are made of velvet and linen are indeed works of art. And I couldn't agree more. Due to arrive in November, Tonic Home is accepting orders now. Click here.

Thanks, Linda!

Envirosax in Singapore!

I first learnt about Envirosax through Jaime's shop, Vitamin D(esign), then I saw the green Envirosax Flora bag being featured on a local magazine last week, and yesterday I got an email from Olivia of Eco-Rhapsody telling me that Envirosax reusable shopping bags are now available at Takashimaya and OG department stores, Singapore. Yay!!

Thanks, Olivia!

Tine K Home, Denmark

Lovely colors, perfect styling, excellent photographs, and a great collection from the catalogue of tinekhome, Denmark. They will be here if you need them. Please enjoy your visual treats! :)


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