Break & Parties!

Natassja has been on term break since May 29 actually, but since I got too occupied with my work, we could only fly down to Jakarta next Monday, June 5. We'll be back around end of June.

With all the birthdays coming up, we are all excited to go home. :) We didn't go back home last June, since I was still heavily pregnant of Tamara at that time. And this year we have an additional birthday to celebrate! with baby Aaron, my nephew, turning one year old! Yay!

So pardon me, folks, I have to take a break for the whole month of June, I have 7 birthday cakes to eat, including my own. Ha! ;-)

Have fun with these links:
See you all in July!

les invasions ephemeres

ah, what can I say about these wall stickers by Sofia Antonovich?.... I'm just speechless looking at her wonderful collection... truly, truly divine!

With all the deers, flowers, fireplace, mirrors and chandeliers, butterflies and dragon flies, and all those parisian things, I bet you'd fall in love with her stickers instantly! They come in solid colors and pretty patterns. Either one is just simply beautiful!
I remember seeing this before along with Les Dona Rosa stickers on one of the French magazines. I can't remember which magazine... I guess I'd been flipping too many magazines! :)

Thanks to austravi for introducing it to us!


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