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My friend and I went to the Sex and The City 2 Gala Premiere last night. It was indeed a fun movie to watch. Bear in mind this movie is all about fashion and comedy among girlfriends. Don't try to find wisdom in the storyline, you'd frustrate yourself throughout the movie.

It's just director Michael Patrick King’s honest depictions of women's insecurities over career, marriage, motherhood, luxuries and hormones. So if you're up to for some laughter and a major fashion parade, this is the movie. Expecting more... you might have to watch something else.

Sex and The City 2 opens tomorrow, May 27. Click here for a peek into Carrie's closet.

Sex and The City 2 Trailer from HP

A much anticipated movie. Tomorrow is the Gala Premiere of Sex and the City 2, and I'm goiiiiiing!! :)

Thanks to HP for the kind invitation.

I Am A Girl by The Girls With Glasses

Have you seen The Girls With Glasses? "I Am A Girl" is the theme song of The Girls With Glasses show, an original piece co-written by the hosts, Brooke White and Summer Bellessa. I was instantly smitten with the above video when I saw it. Every single frame is such a delight, filled with sweet tunes, fabulous outfits and great props. I bet you'd love it too. :)


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