Irene Klar

When I was at the printmaking studio, I saw this book, "Common Threads: The Etchings of Irene Klar" on the shelves. It was a real visual treat looking at her etchings. Soon after the workshop ended, I searched for more information on Irene Klar, and I found her studio here. To my surprise, she offers more than just etchings and serigraphs. She has her artworks on posters, magnets, note cards, coasters, mousepads, bookmarks, and tapestries. Her subjects are mostly women wrapped in gorgeous textiles with big, bold, and strong colors/patterns.

Here are some of my favorites, with the black-and-white "Moussem" ranks the top. But most of the artworks available on the site are rather small in sizes though. I wonder if she had them in bigger sizes. Hmmm..... I can imagine the much bigger version of "Moussem" in a middle of Kelly Wearstler style living room. ah perfect! ;-)

You could purchase Irene Klar's artworks, tapestries, gift items, or the book I mentioned above at her site, she has all the details there. Or you can find her watercolours at selected galleries in Canada and U.S. Enjoy!


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