Canape by Jang Lila

Is it a piece of furniture, or is it an artwork? Well, it has all the ingredients of a furniture; wood, cloth and foam. It's a rather unusual furniture, but yet, it is still visually appealing. It's an artwork by a korean artist, Jang Lila. To me, Canape is like a reminder to always look at things or matters differently. Whether you favour it or not, sometimes the outcome can be equally pleasant. :)

Sweets Thoughts

For a person with sweet tooth like me, it's easy to adore these artworks. I wish I could have a wall full of these sweets. Surely my daughters would agree with me on this. ;-) Here are some candies taken from some reputable art galleries.

(top) Ahn Sung Ha, Kate Brinkworth
(bottom) Kate Brinkworth, Hwang Hyun Seung

Have a sweet, sweet day!

Thank you

What an awesome week. First, it was this, then this. Someone should pinch me. hard. :)

Ericka of asked my permission to use my Malang pictures quite a long while ago, and they've just gotten featured here recently. Please visit for more creative inspirations. ;-) Thanks, Ericka!

And, Holly of decor8 invited international design bloggers back in May, to be featured on Domino online. Now, you could (and should!) see all of them here. I'm so glad that I could finally see all my fellow bloggers, after years of blogging. *Nice to see you all! :) And it was so thoughtful of Holly to even mention my Inhabit pillows. For all of these, I say thanks to Holly and Domino!

For first-time readers who came from and Domino, welcome! :)

I think I'll be walking around smiling for the rest of the week now. :) Have a great weekend to you all!

konnichiWHOA! photography exhibition

It's a 2-week exhibition with over 200 photographs of Japan by 24 final-year students from Temasek Polytechnic. Here's a short story about the exhibition.

Individualism is the common thread that binds this exhibition, which offers multiple perspectives on one subject – Japan, seen through the lens of these students, many of whom are first-time visitors to the country. The kaleidoscopic exhibition captures the rich cultures of Japan through the eyes of these youth, its people, architecture in over 200 photographic works. Visitors to the gallery would be able to see their creative interpretation of Japan and their varied photography styles reflected in their photography works and video installations.

You can view some of the photographs here. This is my top fave so far. *Not a common sight in Japan, I hope. ;-)*

KonnichiWHOA! will start from Friday, 18 July 2009 to Friday, 1 August 2008, Monday to Saturday, 11am to 8pm, Sunday, 1pm to 6pm at 2902 Gallery, 11 Mount Sophia, Block B, #B2-09, Singapore. Be there! I know I would. :)

Thanks, Pepper!

Michael Lin

How could I not love this? Found on YouTube, and seen on Le Méridien 100 Facebook page. Click here to listen to his creative podcasts. And click here to see some of his previous work.



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