kaarsKoker by aPa company

Last week, April of aPa company introduced me to kaarsKoker, a product line of aPa company. With gorgeous patterns and beautiful pictures like these, everybody knows kaarsKoker is the thing that we must talk about and own some. Now, it's my turn talking. :)

kaarsKoker, a decorative replacement candle sleeve, allows you to jazz up your chandelier or sconce in an easy, affordable, and most importantly.. stylish(!) way. Above are my top picks among kaarsKoker collection. It won't be hard to find your own kaarsKoker faves. They are seriously pretty, and oh, have I mentioned.. full. of. style.?

Thanks, April!

Blogland exclusive offer from Pieces, USA

I've just received an email from Lee Kleinhelter of Pieces, announcing an exclusive offer for ppl in the blogland, 30% off on all items starting today, Jan 12, while the general public sale will only start on Jan 15. Isn't blogland... a wonderful land? :)

So if you are reading this and would love to get the 30% discount, you need to mention "imedagoze" on your purchase. Please note that you won't see any details about this exclusive offer on their site, as they will only display the public announcement on Jan 15, when it's open to all. But I have to warn you, you could get carried away with the choices at Pieces. I loooove their chairs and sofas, chandeliers, pillows, floor & table accessories, and anything with mirror. So very greedy.

Now, go hunt some great pieces.

Thanks, Lee!

Gone Antiques?

Well, okay, this may not be the best first new year post, but hey..., these pieces caught my eyes when I got them in my inbox. So the next reasonable thing to do is to share them here. :)

I've never been to an antiques shop, let alone a whole antiques show. But, I guess sometimes you could find great pieces at your least favorite place. So keep your mind and eyes wide open. :) The Winter Antiques Show will be held from January 23rd to February 1st in New York City. Read more details here.

(top) "Sandhamn" Daybed from Antik
(bottom) Embroidered Tree of Life bed curtain from Cora Ginsburg LLC

Thanks, Peter!

Happy New Year!

It's getting harder for me to blog nowadays. I've been away from blogland for too long, I guess. Not sure if I will ever get back on the same blogging days like I used to. Uhuh. I have way too many excuses. :)

Anyways..., happy new year, folks!


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