Chris Chun

Chris Chun is an artist and award winning designer based in Sydney, Australia, who has over 12 years experience working as a textile designer & stylist in the UK, Italy and Australia. Chris creates designs, illustrations, concepts and style, ranges from textile, to stationery, to homeware, to product development. He also licenses his designs.

When you see his paintings, it's really hard not to get tempted to purchase one. It is such a delight to see his work, I can imagine myself staring at it everyday. I adore his use of texture, soft and playful colors on objects like food, tableware and cutlery. Well, you all know how much I love plates, and flowers, and chocolates, and cupcakes, and pretty patterns, and his paintings are the only ones that have all of these! Definitely in my wish list! So, anybody else gets tempted? Contact Chris here.


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