Oh my dear Christmas....

Both my girls down with flu. It started with Tamara on Dec 22, then Natassja on Christmas Day. It's really heartbreaking to hear them coughing. So, we can't really do much of celebrating, it's more like a flu battling season for all of us here.

Anyway, I hope everyone else had a Jolly & Merry Christmas! And Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy Year ahead!

Thank you for all readers who made time to read my blog, and please... it'd be great to see more readers to leave comments here in 2006! I don't bite, really.... :)

Cheers. See you all in 2006!

Ralph Lauren Chair?

I was flipping a magazine when I was in the airport, then I spotted a picture of Red Dining Chair. I thought I'd find some Italian brand who produced this, but instead it said Ralph Lauren Home. Well, I never really check out Ralph Lauren Home things before, but to me, the brand gives an impression of classic and luxurious traditional style. A clean, sleek contemporary style from Ralph Lauren Home, has never crossed my mind. So I was pleasantly surprised to see this Black Mountain range available at Ralph Lauren Home. Because of this, for the very first time, I visited their website! :) And I found more things I like there. Check out their Holiday 2005 collection. I love its Roman numeral dial 8-day vintage clock.

feeling lazy....

Hello folks. I'm back from holiday, but I'm still on holiday mood... So I won't be blogging daily for the next 2 weeks, especially natassja is on school holiday. Gotta keep her busy! :)

Far and away....

well, I'm going away for a short holiday, but it's not too far actually... I'm heading to my hometown!! :) I'm so excited! I haven't been back for over a year now... It'd be so nice to see all of my family and cute nephews. And of course... to see how much disasters my little Natassja can create with her new playmates... HO HO HO HO! Happy holidays, everybody!

sb 2designers

Based in Austria, sb 2 designers don't provide much of information about themselves on their site, but they have a very different idea on wallpapers. Their wallpapers aim to give a good company to the owners, a much better flatmate! This range is called Single Tapete, photographic wallpapers on attractive, original-sized individuals, which are easily removable and very practical. Don't miss their techniques on how to apply the wallpapers, and their list of stockists in Germany. My favorite section of their site is the designpool, which consists of their unrealized ideas and designs. I love the fact that they're suggesting you will never feel lonely by having their wallpapers. A company will always be around, without its bad behaviour. So, do you feel lonely with your empty walls? go check out their site, you might find a good company.

Clarissa Hulse

I love her collections. Cushions, throws, lampshades, fashion, stationery and gifts. Based in England, she used to individually hand printed scarves and wraps by transferring her natural imagery from her photographs onto silk screens. She has 12 years experience, numerous collaboration with companies, and her collections are available in the UK, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Read her details here, and shop for her items here. Too bad she doesn't offer her Boudoir Belle fashion items on her online shop, but not to worry, just drop an email to find out about stockists. If you plan to shop at her online shop for Christmas, please read her notice on Pre-Christmas ordering.

It's heaven at La Redoute!

Gosh, this is really a shopping heaven! I love La Redoute, France. This site can really blow a huge hole in your pocket! I know they have shops worldwide, but none beats the french one. This is why I want to learn French badly: to shop from French sites! :-) They are having big discounts for the holidays, up to 65%off on the entire site. I have way too many favorites from laredoute.fr, I could've moved all their pics here. They ship worldwide, but of course, you gotta understand French, or you can use free web translators like the ones I'm using Babel Fish, or Im Translator. Happy Shopping!

btw, do you notice the lampshade looks familiar? Yup, Molecule at Great World City has them above their cashier counter.

What a bliss....

I bookmarked Jill Bliss months ago before I started blogging. I found her wallet designs on one of web galleries, can't remember its name, but anyway, I'm glad that her site is still sitting on my bookmarks. Jill is a San Francisco based designer. She's like a designer of all. Really. Her creations evolved around fashion design, graphic design, product design and illustrations. I love her forest mural for doe, which was done within 5 days! are all muralist works this quick?

You can view more of her items on her online shop, Blissen. My favorites are the paper pad cozies, the treelets book, and her native herb posters.

She also produced designs for pocket mirrors, available at myfavoritemirror.com.

French Bull by Jackie Shapiro

Alright folks, Christmas is coming soon. It's time for me to do my bits. French Bull gorgeous melamine tablewares are available in Singapore! Yup, I said Singapore. You can find them at Molecule Living, TheLifeShop, LifeBaby, and Egg3. FYI, these stockists don't display all their products on the net, and none of them does online shopping, so you really need to visit their retail shops to see their whole range of products. To find out their locations, please visit their respective websites. Jackie Shapiro is the brilliant designer behind French Bull. Jackie has consistently produced stunning designs using bold and graphic colors. Her style are mostly influenced by the Italians during her stint in Milan, Italy. Here are the pictures of some French Bull items, available at the stockists mentioned above.

Joy has just recently done an interview with Jackie, which is superb! Jackie shared her inspirations and experiences as designer and owner of French Bull. She has great piece of advise for all aspiring entrepreneurs! View the complete interview here. Thanks to Joy for the excellent interview!

Abigail Percy

"a link between pattern and jewellery". Nice... Who would've thought that the two combined can create such beautiful pieces? It's Abigail Percy, a recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art. Her creations are mostly influenced by her love of historical floral pattern. She has such lovely pieces, check them out here. I like the fact that she put a three dimensional on a two dimensional piece to create a masterpiece. And her use of colors is oh, so very comforting! The jewellery and printed linen canvas can be purchased together or separately. Enjoy.

Lovely Fat Fish

Well, I try to eat fish regularly, I don't have a pet fish, but I fancy this fat fish. It's available at Hip & Zen, a California, U.S. based online shop, founded by Karen Clothier, created for a modern soul. Her items are not commonly found on other U.S. online shops, and mostly are carefully selected organic, handmade, and natural products. A big plus. I find her collections are very refreshing! and I love the bags, too. Visit the shop here.


edenstar is a contemporary children clothing for 3 - 7 years old, designed in Australia, made in Australia. It was launched in early 2003 by Therese Bourne, a fashion designer who has 15 years of experience. I found it when I visited the Fancy Faire this afternoon. edenstar is available at #01-16/17/18 Turf City. It's sharing space with KindyROO, a fun learning centre for babies 6 weeks to 5 years old. Can you guess from these pictures, why I like edenstar ?? Yup, I'm having prints fever, and nothing can cure me.... ;-)

Gourmet Choc Shoppes

Oh, do I LOVE chocolates.. I haven't done my chocolate shopping for this holiday seasons yet, but before that let me share a bit of chocolatey story. There are quite many chocolate shops or gourmet shops that offer chocolate products in Singapore, such as Sins, Hediard, Godiva, Teuscher, Valrhona, Max Brenner, Thos S.B. Raffles, Corduroy & Finch, and The Cocoa Tree. My favorites are Godiva, Hediard and chocolate drinks from Max Brenner. But hey, I'll eat any chocolates, even off the grocery store's shelves ones. If only Ghirardelli Chocolate is here, too... *sigh*...


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