Down with flu bugs

Natassja, Tamara and I are having flu bugs altogether. It all started with Tamara developed a mild fever on last Thursday night, and vomitting the next 24 hours. Then I started sneezing and coughing on Saturday morning. And it didn't take long to get Natassja sick, too. On saturday evening she started coughing and vomitting, but no fever.

We've made 2 visits to see a doctor so far, last Friday morning and this morning. And I don't intend to make another trip. Tamara doesn't have the fever anymore and she has less vomitting now. But the cough and runny nose could take a while to clear up. Natassja seems to take the sickness better than I do, she still looks like a healthy toddler with vomits, cough and runny nose now and then.

I still can't believe I pick up germs so easily from a baby! It really upsets me. And don't you just hate sore throat? *arrrrgh!!!* My voice is almost gone today. I can't hardly talk. It's just driving me crazy! When my kids need me the most, I fall ill, too. Luckily my husband has better immune system than I do. Terrible, terrible days. :(

I just hope that we all could get better soon enough to make our planned trip next week. Yup, next week is Natassja's term break, and we've made travel plan to Perth. But look at us, now. Sick.

UPDATE Sept 1, 2006: Natassja recovered sooner than I thought. She went back to school last Wednesday. Tamara and I were prescribed antibiotics on Wednesday, and we're much better now. Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I'm just glad the gloomy days are over.

Trend Forecasting: It's not a job, it's a lifestyle

That's the title of Kristina's interview with Anne Lise Kjaer, founder and managing director of kjaer global, a London-based trend forecasting agency.

I received Kristina's email yesterday, but I didn't have the time to read it until today. After reading it, I thought everybody, who has interest in design/merchandising, should read it. And I really mean EVERYBODY! So move over to Three Layer Cake!

Great interview, Kristina!


I stumbled upon POAA when I was searching for Cj's Solas lights. POAA is a Netherlands-based online lifestyle shop, newly founded in March 2006 by a bunch of design freaks trying to bring the latest and greatest on design. *Hey.... that's what exactly written there. I'm not making this up.* And I have to agree with them. I soon found pieces that I've never seen anywhere else before, like that Cut Here Tattoo by Tord Boontje, or that Rainbow maker. Another good thing is, they ship worldwide! :)

Here are the pictures of my top picks: Hidden Royalty Light (available in hanging or foot version), Pantheon Throw, Bunny / Hippo Doormats, and Linde aluminium candelabra (available in matte or chrome finish).

Above pictures are taken from POAA's site

Cj O'Neill

Being featured in the recent edititon of Elle Decoration UK for her Solas lights has led me to search for more of her creations, and look what I've found... more lovely plates!! ;-)

Cj's New Heirlooms pieces was actually vintage ceramic pieces rejuvenated with hand cut and printed transfer patterns, making them one off pieces. They are available at selected stores in the UK, Sweden & France. Read more about her here.

decor8's FUNtastic magazine swap!

If you've been searching for a U.S. magazine that you can't find in your country, Holly of decor8 has the answer to your dilemma. She's looking for ppl outside U.S. who'd like to join the fun. Be sure to check her rules of the game first, before you shoot her an email.

I've just emailed few friends about this, and thought some of you might be interested to join this magazine swap, too. As for me, I'm already in. ;-) What can I say..., I have too much love for magazines. I can't possibly miss it! :)

millicent & frank

It's an australian company run by Jacqueline Morony. Too bad I somehow can't click on her profile to find out more about her. Safari browser viewing problem, I think. But it's obviously that she's a multi-talented person with passion for photography, wall hangings, and home decoration objects.

Her mirror-backed flourish centerpiece would be great to brighten up some dark corner or just to jazz up a blank wall. And that letter me placemat or the black acrylic flourish centerpiece would be an excellent piece for party conversations.

via lola-news!


Iconic Panels by B+N Industries

Ouch! these wall panels are so gooood indeed!! They just blew my mind once I saw them at MoCo Loco. They can be sawn, nailed, screwed, glued or mounted on walls. Genius!! I wonder if they can be used as table tops, too?


If you haven't been checking Design Finland lately, then you should. Through links found on this blog, you could find numerous finnish designers and manufacturers. For a start, you could try FinnishDesignShop. I particularly like the Oka hanging coat rack (it hangs from ceiling! so cool!), Seth Andersson Salad Servers, Nanso Bedlinen, and ORIGO aprons.

And if you're a bag lover, don't miss Cho Cho bags by Finnish textile designer Kirsi Paivaniemi. Happy Browsing!

Hooray to Singapore!

Tomorrow, Aug 9, is a public holiday here in Singapore, as we celebrate our National Day! We just love seeing the National Day Parade's fireworks from our windows. Even Tamara was so excited seeing the one from the NDP's rehearsal. :)

Happy 41st Birthday to Singapore! Cheers.

Alinea, France

I've been loving Alinea for quite a while. It's time to share few pictures from their site. I'm pretty sure they stock more gorgeous pieces in their stores, 'coz I can't find the ones I saw on the magazines. Anyway, they're here for your visual treats! Enjoy!

Anaglypta & Lincrusta

Although they've been around for centuries, I first found these 2 brands when I was searching for foil wallpapers not too long ago. Nope, they don't have the foil wallpapers here, but they sure have beauuutiful heavily embossed wallpapers that resemble fine plasterworks.

They are both are manufactured by Crown Decorative Products Ltd., in Darwen, Lancashire, UK. Anaglypta is the more affordable and lighter version of Lincrusta. You could view their wallcovering range here (partially under construction though), or at FYHome. All pictures are taken from FYHOME site. Enjoy!


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