AU Maison, Denmark

If you are crazy over pillows, you have to take a look at AU Maison collection. With tons of pretty patterns and designs, plus 100 % made in Denmark, I'm sure it'll be easy for you to pick your favorites there. To find out if their products are available in your country, click here. Happy Browsing!

p.s. Plastisock baby clothing is now available in Australia, with worldwide shipping! Thanks, Helen. :)


We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving in Singapore, but I know some of you who do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :)


I searched for 10 Swedish Designers's site after seeing their book, Ten Swedish Designers – Printed Patterns over at biotope (an AMAZING japanese design shop, btw).

As I expected from the book, 10 Swedish Designers offer numerous products with their big, bold, and strong patterns. I heart that ironing board cover! and do you see that dog's leash and collar? love it. Too bad, we don't have dogs. :(


I'll be away for a short trip and I'll be back next week. Meanwhile, please check out the following links:

For those who missed my excitement earlier this month, or new to this blog, here's a gentle and shameless reminder. :) Please help to vote for my pillow designs at the Inhabit's contest. Cast your vote for # 4, okay? ;-)

Take care now, I'll see you in a week's time. Cheers.

Woohoo! New Stores!

Two of my favorite photographers, Maditi (Germany) and Anneli (Sweden) have just opened their shops! I've known them for quite a while now, each has their own unique photography style. I'm sure you will be hooked to see more and more of their photos once you see their work. Check out their blogs and you'll know what I mean.

Maditi has opened an etsy store filled with her Polaroids prints, and you can find Anneli's shop, Cosas, filled with Scandinavian goodies.

Congratulations to Maditi and Anneli! Now GO and SHOP!


Although it might sound like Italian, Kadossimo is very much French. All are written in french with no english text available. But that never stops me from browsing for visual delights, like this and this. If you're a fan of the french cartoon series Barbapapa, you might like this and this, too. Enjoy!

Tralalart, France

Tralalart is the brainchild of Marie Leveque, a graduate in Decorative Arts, who has passion for photography and graphics. Above are my favorites. Check out the rest of her collections here. I guess if you're crazy over plates as much as I am, you'll be seeing more and more of them here. :)

Home Couture

Home Couture is an online shop based in New South Wales, Australia, catered for the well dressed home (their tag line says so). I wonder if they had a brick and mortar business, or it's really just an online shop with a huuuuge warehouse. I'm amazed with the number of products they have there. Take a look at their brands drop down list on the site, it's just so unbelievably long!

I couldn't possibly browse through every single brand they carry, but at least I've found some favorites there, like Reisenthel, Alex Liddy, and S&P. Click here for a fun browsing experience. Enjoy! :)


I'm so happy to find out the Inhabit's Great Pillow Design Competition finalists announcement page is finally up! Thanks to Grace!

I was informed by Inhabit two weeks ago on being one of the finalists, but you know, until it's announced on their site, I couldn't really keep my hope high. Now, it's official, I can start begging for votes. haha! :) You have to scroll down to see my pillow designs, I'm the finalist # 4. Vote for me okay? please, please, please ... :) Thanks beforehand.

Retro 20th Century Design

This is one of the greatest mid century design shops I've ever seen on the net. Retro 20th Century Design is a design shop specializing in selling and buying scandinavian 20th century designers items, located in Helsingborg, Sweden. You could find Stig Lindberg, Mari Simmulson, Erik Hoglund, Bengt Berglund, Arne Jacobsen, Lisa Larsson, Steen Ostergaard, Broderna Bjerring, and more. They even offer the classical reproductions of selected iconic furniture designs. I could spend hours browsing their collections. It's a real heaven for mid century design lovers. And guess what.. they ship worldwide!! :)


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