Have a great summer!

I'll be out of the blogland for quite a while. We'll be leaving tomorrow night, slightly after midnight, to this part of the world. Then soon after our trip, we will have some relatives visiting for the rest of the summer. *hooray!!*

Here are some pictures from a Danish kids apparel brand, minymo, for your visual pleasures. I love everything about these photographs, the lovely clothes, the colorful settings, and the perfect shots of the joyful children. Hm, Summer it is. :)

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Till then. Take care.

P.S.: Congratulations to Graça for launching her ATELIER XT website!! Loooove your paintings!

Beckmans College of Design

Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, has a pretty impressive collection of student portfolios. Below are some of my favorites:

Liv Wadström, Advertising & Graphic Design

Fåglar (left), Stickvisning 2007 (right) by Rebecca Kalanzi, Fashion Design

Jag Hjärta Hälsingland by Lisa Knutsson, Fashion Design

StyleBaroque - No.106 by Sebastian Kjersén, Product Design

Element/Radiator by Daniel Enoksson, Product Design

... and there are more to see! Happy Browsing!

Stina Persson

I got an email from Stina Persson, a Stockholm-based fashion illustrator, saying that her artworks are now available for purchase at the Gallery Hanahou, New York. For those who can't visit Gallery Hanahou, you can purchase her artworks at Junie Moon Online Shop, a boutique located in Tokyo, Japan. The artworks will be sent from New York.

Don't you just loooove her colors and style? I wonder if she made prints, too. Hmmm, I have to ask.

Thanks, Stina!


Here's a chance to get your portrait done by the talented artists of O.I.C. tomorrow, June 2nd, 2-6pm, at MAAD, Red Dot Museum, 28 Maxwell Road.

Guess what.., FLEE will be there, too! :) Click on the image to read the MAAD details.

Have fun!


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