Back to the Old House by C86

I'm loving this graphic art by C86 (Matt Lyon), a UK-based digital and mixed-media artist. Drop. dead. Psychedelic.

Available at L'Affiche Moderne.

Zeng Fanzhi's new studio

Have you seen it? It was published on The New York Times early this month. I thought I should make a comment on it. :)

This could be the grandest artist studio I've ever seen. Well, just by looking at this picture, you can tell that he has a great taste in home furnishings. Why can't NYTimes give us some studio tour, or at least, publish more than just one picture.. puh-leaseee? This is killing me, I need to see more. Can Vogue Living or Interior Design ppl pay a visit to Mr. Zeng Fanzhi's lush studio? I beg you.

(image is copyrighted The New York Times Company)

I heart Small

Matt Small is a UK-based urban artist who paints on found objects, like metal, wood, or even a VCR. His portrait paintings have kept me mesmerized ever since I stumbled upon his works in www last year. The splash of paints, the texture, the energy, the passion, the boldness. And yet, you could still sense the loneliness of his subjects, young kids on the street.

Matt will be having his solo exhibition "Youngstarrs" at The Black Rat Press, London, UK, from March 27 till April 17, 2009. Preview will be held on Thursday, March 26, 2009, 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Lucky Londoners. I wish I could fly to the Youngstarrs.

Click here to see more pics on Matt Small artworks.


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