Fleur de Kookyse, France

Fleur de Kookyse's Kits de Stickers is quite a regular on french home magazines. Its package is slightly different than any other wall stickers package. It allows you to create your own design, although they do have some suggested designs on their site. They are available at these stores only.

WallDesign, France

We've been keeping our living room wall blank since we moved in 1.5 years ago. We're just too choosy, we can't decide on anything for the wall! How about this one? Do you think my husband would scream if he saw this? haha! ;-)

WallDesign is a French company who offers wall stickers to-die for. I love their collections too much! I could have the whole garden in colorful silhouettes on my wall!

It seems like they print wallpapers, too. (see picture below taken from Esprit Deco Jan/Fev 2005), but it's just another my guessing game here. :)

Wall Puzzles

I know you've seen this, this, this, this and this before, but don't get tired of wall stickers yet, 'coz I have few more to share. :) Here's one for today: Born to Create Wall Puzzles designed by gtdi. Too bad, I couldn't find out more about gtdi, but it seems like gtdi is a Japanese design company. I'm just guessing here, simply because all the searches on gtdi/Born to Create came up in Japanese. I could be wrong though.

Wall Puzzles is available for purchase at hhstyle.com, for those who read Japanese, of course. :)

For singapore buyers, you might have to use VPOST JAPAN service if you wanted to purchase it, since hhstyle doesn't ship outside Japan. Thanks to Hana for pointing it out!

Seletti, Italy

It's one creative company from Cicognara, Italy. Seletti has been producing and distributing gifts, decorations and furnishings of original and new ideas since 1964.

I found their Trash-Chic dustbin liners at Qconceptstore in Bangkok, Thailand. They are basically designer garbage bags, comes in 5 different patterns (see pic below). Each liner measures 70 cm x 110 cm. But really, it's just too pretty for garbage.... Hmmmm, how about if we trim its bottom and put it flat on a picnic table? Well, you might need few liners to cover one picnic table, but it all depends on how much you want to cover. It costs 265 Baht, which is equivalent to USD 7, for a pack of 10 liners. It sounds like a good bargain to me for disposable table liners. ;-)

Check out Seletti's quirky objects and candles, too. They are so fun!

Bangkok Trip

Well, it was more of like a family trip for us, because we brought the kids and their grandparent along, too. So sadly, I don't have too many pictures to share here with all of you since most of them are family pics. :-) Yup, yup, for that Malang trip, hubby and I left the kids with the grandparent in Singapore. That explains why I have fewer pics from Bangkok. :)

There are too many interesting places to visit and too many nice & cheap things in Bangkok, but we had too little time and too much bagage (mostly baby stuff). Every place that we wanted to visit we had to think about the kids, too. That's why we spent only two hours in Jatujak (Chatuchak) Weekend Market, while most people could spend one whole day there. That place is unbelievably huge! A map is definitely a must, unless if you can speak thai to ask for directions.

And have you heard of SiamParagon before? It's Bangkok's newest shopping mall. It's just opened less than eight months ago and said to have the same owner as our Paragon shopping mall on Orchard Road. But it's sure nothing like the Paragon here, the SiamParagon is sooooo much better! This place is so beautifully designed from top to bottom, and I have to say, they have some really impressive tenants there, such as True Brand Concept Shop, Martha Stewart Signature Furniture, Kate Spade retail shop (retail shop, I say, not just a counter), and more.

You can even find Siam Ocean World on SiamParagon basements. We went to the Siam Ocean World, and it's much bigger and nicer than Singapore's Underwater World. Sorry to say this, but Natassja says so, too. ;-)

It was a short holiday, but we enjoyed every minute of it. I wish we could've stayed longer there. Perhaps one day, we could go back there again.

Anna is here!

Remember the pretty wall plaques by Anna Chandler that I posted a while ago? Well, they are finally here in Singapore! Check them out in person at the Shophouse Fair tomorrow, May 25, 2006 at 22 Lock Rd, Gillman Village (off Depot Rd). Grab those gorgeous!!

Pieces of Malang

I took some pictures of interesting pieces/places that I found in Malang, Indonesia, for your viewing pleasure. Check out my flickr here. See you all again next week. Enjoy!

Oh Joy!

Aaah, I'm so happy to see this package from Joy in my mailbox! She wrapped Blueprint and Domino magazines with the oh-so-gorgeous fabric from reprodepot.com, Brady Blossoms - Pink. Isn't she a darling? :-)

Thank you so much, Joy! These magazines will definitely be my great companions on my next flight. Joy, I hope you enjoy reading iSh, too!


It's been a busy week for me. I got too many errands to do before flying off this afternoon. I'll have a series of travelling for the next 6 weeks. So, I won't have too many posts during this period. I would, however, pop by to my 100% links (see this blog's sidebar) whenever I could. I love reading blogs too much!

Where am I going? Well, today, we'll be flying to Malang, Indonesia, for my husband's high school reunion, then we'll be back here and stay for 3 days before leaving for Bangkok, Thailand, and come back home again for a week, and then off to Jakarta, Indonesia, for my nephews', sisters', and in-laws' birthdays! We are all geminis and cancerians! :) well, okay... maybe not all of us, but we have 7 birthdays to celebrate in the month of June. Talk about coincidences!

I feel really bad not able to reply all the comments, but I truly appreciate that you all stop by and read my blog. Thank you. :) Now I leave you with more japanese links, found thru BG SHOP:
  • Yurio Seki's Salvia shop
  • Masafumi Arita's New Esperanto Label Textiles
  • Rica Takada's Weekend Stroll

    And a tip from Kristina, summer t-shirts by Mary. Love that owl!

    Happy Browsing! See you soon!
  • BG SHOP, Japan

    Here's one Japanese company, BG SHOP, who offers plenty of beauuuutiful things. Yup, I said plenty! :) I like their wall panels made of north European and Japanese textiles / vintage wallpapers, their collectibles, their much-sought-after vintage fabric bags, the cute bird vase, and that stripy aprons. Geez.., I'm so greedy! Good for my husband that I can't read Japanese! haha! :P

    Neisha Crosland

    Initially studied graphic design, Neisha Crosland transferred to textile course. I'm glad she did, otherwise I couldn't be staring at her wonderful fabrics, wallpapers and furniture today. ;-)

    Postcards from Sabine!

    I've just received Sabine's swap package today and I'm so thrilled!! but who doesn't anyway... If you receive her lovely postcards like these (see above pic.), you'd be jumping for joy like a little bunny! :) Can you see that tree of vintage buttons? Even the penguin can't stop staring at it! ;-) Thank you, Sabine! I love them!


    I've seen too many pretty plates from Deshoulieres, a French company, on the magazines, so I thought I'd check it out. They have dishes in patterns, solid colors, and some even come with unique shapes. Nice... :)


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