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I love Velvet! And here it is. The company who brings velvet to your home, company c. Well, velvet is not the only thing on their list, like the rug pictured here is made from 100% wool, but I just love their velvet with floral prints and stripes! Based in New Hampshire, USA, company c offers colorful choices for your home. They have rugs, beddings, throws, and pillows available on their online shop.


I came across this brand on the WWW not too long ago from a U.S based seller (NOT an online shop). AZULEROS is originated from FRANCE and created by Agnes Borel du Bez. It's briliantly GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! I love her color combinations, textures and embroideries. Too bad I can't find that seller on the net anymore now, but I remember she displayed a cardigan for around USD 300. Well, as they say on their site, "a precious, unique treasure". You could see the detailed pictures of AZULEROS clothings on the site. I know it's not available anywhere near OR in Singapore yet (I asked them already), but I wonder if there's an online shop somewhere in this world who's selling AZULEROS. Hmmmm... anybody knows????


Golla Finland brings fashion to your mobile. Specializing in mobile bags, belt bags, digital camera bags, and laptop bags, they have colorful designs using a variety of materials, from jeans to terry to PVC. I particularly like their laptop bags, a much better options than the typical solid black, although I wish their designs can be more daring. They're not available in Singapore yet, so if you'd like to see their selections, visit golla's site here. Update: Golla is here. Check out their pushcart at Suntec City Mall, in front of Royal Sporting House.

Aiden's Birth Announcement

I've just received this BRILLIANT birth announcement from a friend of mine. I like it so MUCH, I just HAVE TO post it here! It has the weight of the baby as the product's weight, the birth details as the product description, and complete with the product's barcode, and manufacturer's address, which is the parent's, of course. :)

DesignEDGE 2005

Another GREAT thing has emerged to LIFE! It's DesignEDGE 2005! A Conference and Expo of Animation, Art, Fashion, Music, Interactive, Urban and Print Design. Featuring creative designers from USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, and Singapore. If you're studying or working in design industry, you can't afford to miss this one. I think it'd be good to get fresh, new insights of revolutionary designs offered by today's creative talents. I would LOVE to see more of these items available in the market. You'll see what I mean if you visit their site here. It has the details on the creative people who'll be featured in the exhibition, and there are just TOO many to be mentioned here! This event will be held at Suntec CIty Hall 401, 402 on November 10-12 in Singapore. BE THERE!

Baby, Oh, Baby...

Gosh, it's been a while since I last wrote something here. Let me give you a little bit update on my lovely babe, Tamara. She is now able to differentiate between night and day, so that's a BIG RELIEF! My first one wasn't like this at all! Both girls get along pretty well, surprisingly! Natassja like to kiss her baby sister and make funny faces and sounds, and Tamara would just smile at her. What a lovely picture, isn't it? Tassja doesn't show a bit of jealousy, REALLY! I'm so proud of her! I hope I could write more one of these days, 'coz I have few good stuffs to share with. But not tonight, the connection is waaaayyy TOO SLOW! I'll check back again tomorrow. CHEERS.


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