Plea for "Print Your Fabric" course

Do you know that NAFA offer "Print Your Fabric" enrichment course? It's once a week, every Tuesday, 7pm to 9pm.

The course was meant to start in May, so I signed up for the course sometime before that. BUT, due to lack of participants, the course has been postponed for numerous times(!). I've told Ruzana and Su Ling about it, and Ruzana has since signed up.

The NAFA Continuing Education staff told me that they need another 5 students to join in before the "Print Your Fabric" course could have a confirmed start date. Tentatively it is scheduled to start on September 18, 2007.

So please, please, please... residents of Singapore, please help to forward this message to your friends, colleagues, sisters, or brothers who might be interested in taking the course. The course will be taught by Angelynn Tan, Singapore Fashion Designer of the Year 2002. If you'd like to find out more about the course, you could ask for the timetable from NAFA staff.

I talked to Gigi this morning (another participant of the course), and I asked her why the course doesn't seem to be popular here in Singapore. I thought screenprinting is a very fun subject, I said to her. She said, perhaps, because not very many people know about it. Hence, I made this plea. So please, help. Gigi, Ruzana and I hope the course could really start this time, on September 18. *crossed fingers*

Thank you for your help! Have a great weekend!

btw, just a quick reminder, the NOVICA giveaway contest will be closed today, midnight. If you'd like to participate, pls scroll down until you see the giveaway post. Good Luck!


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