Down with flu bugs

Natassja, Tamara and I are having flu bugs altogether. It all started with Tamara developed a mild fever on last Thursday night, and vomitting the next 24 hours. Then I started sneezing and coughing on Saturday morning. And it didn't take long to get Natassja sick, too. On saturday evening she started coughing and vomitting, but no fever.

We've made 2 visits to see a doctor so far, last Friday morning and this morning. And I don't intend to make another trip. Tamara doesn't have the fever anymore and she has less vomitting now. But the cough and runny nose could take a while to clear up. Natassja seems to take the sickness better than I do, she still looks like a healthy toddler with vomits, cough and runny nose now and then.

I still can't believe I pick up germs so easily from a baby! It really upsets me. And don't you just hate sore throat? *arrrrgh!!!* My voice is almost gone today. I can't hardly talk. It's just driving me crazy! When my kids need me the most, I fall ill, too. Luckily my husband has better immune system than I do. Terrible, terrible days. :(

I just hope that we all could get better soon enough to make our planned trip next week. Yup, next week is Natassja's term break, and we've made travel plan to Perth. But look at us, now. Sick.

UPDATE Sept 1, 2006: Natassja recovered sooner than I thought. She went back to school last Wednesday. Tamara and I were prescribed antibiotics on Wednesday, and we're much better now. Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I'm just glad the gloomy days are over.


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