Surrealist Laser-Cut Handbags

Never heard of them before. Never thought such things even existed until I saw these images from James Piatt in my inbox. As James mentioned, all handbags are beautifully crafted, detailed, and do not contain any stitching. Tabs and slots are laser cut in the leather which allows each piece of leather to interlock together. It's a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology. Hm.. yes, I have to agree with him. A clever combination.

Looove the Pursuader™, but I wonder if it could pass through the airport security without lengthy, repetitive screenings and checks, yes? no? Well, I'd say, if you had this bag with you, you'd definitely turn many heads, and perhaps, have some onlookers gasping, or.. screaming (excitedly, or frantically), or simply have ppl being so wonderfully generous, friendly, then run away from you. Aah fun, just by imagining it. :) Pursuader™ comes in Copper Mirror (as shown on top), Blue Alligator, Black, and Natural Skin. I'd go for the Copper Mirror. It's shiny, it's reflective. :) Click here to see more of James Piatt handbags.

Thanks, James!


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