travel planning, pls help!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I'm preoccupied with some travel plans for our coming trip in June. Sadly I have to miss tons of great blog reads for a little while. :( So these days, I spend my browsing time on hotel reservations, tourist attractions and car rentals sites, with a permanent display of tripadvisor on the side, of course.

We (me, dear husband, and our loud-but-adorable Natassja) will be visiting Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki in our 12-days trip there. Our ticket is roundtrip to Copenhagen, and we're trying to figure out where we should start our trip first. Since we'll reach Copenhagen at 07.55am (not exactly a good check-in to hotel timing), we thought it'd be better if we'd just catch another flight on that day to Helsinki. So it'll be Helsinki, Stockholm, then Copenhagen. What do you think? What are the best transportation between these countries (in terms of price, time and fun!)

Could anybody suggest any scenic routes from Stockholm to Malmo? We're planning to spend more days in Sweden since we prefer to do some road trips there. But with limited holiday time, we need reassurance if we pick the right choice. Which country do you think worth exploring more? Any must-visit places, or must-try food or drinks?

I appreciate if you could share some travel tips on those countries, too. Please, please help, okay, please.... Thanks beforehand. Btw, in case if you're wondering, we'll leave our youngest daughter, the sweet-and-not-so-loud Tamara, with my parent in-laws. Millions thanks to them! :)

Oh and of course, as always, you can find great reads on my sidebar links. Follow this instruction carefully, roll your eyes slightly to the right. ;-) ------->

great thanks to Sidsel for the tips on Copenhagen & Sweden!


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