TAXI Design Network

I found TAXI on Singapore Design Festival booklet late last year. But I just stashed the booklet into one of my drawers, hoping to read it more when I have time, OR... when I do remember that I have it. :)

TAXI is a creative network that supports raising awareness in design, created and owned by a singapore company, Hills Creative Arts Pte Ltd. Both are established in 2003. TAXI is featured in over 80 major international magazines and newspapers, and has over 6.5 million page views from 150,000 unique visitors, and the numbers are still growing! Impressive!

The MUST-VISIT features are their list of Web Sites Of The Day and Design Portfolios. They contain numerous great sites and works of creative professionals from around the world. Not to mention they have a calendar of Design Competitions. So if you're in design/art industry, you surely don't want to miss this TAXI ride! Happy Cruising!


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