Prestat Fine Chocolates

It's the prettiest chocolate shop I've ever seen. It's located at Raffles City Shopping Centre, in between 2 escalators, right in front of Brook Brothers. It comes with colorful packaging designed by Kitty Arden, a London based artist. Prestat Fine Chocolates Singapore was just opened over a month ago. All chocolates are handmade in England and airflown to Singapore. I'm such a chocolate addict, I have a habit of trying out chocs from every new chocolatier in town. ;) So I bought a small box of their gourmet chocs, but it took me a day to finally open the box. It's just too pretty to be opened. :) I like their Rice Crisp chocolate & the Truffles. Next, I'd like to try their Organic Hot Chocolate and Organic Chocolate Bar. Yum!


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