Marijn van der Poll

Marijn van der Poll is a dutch industrial designer, grew up in Asia and now based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Marijn founded North Industrial Design in 2000 when one of Marijn's creation, Do Hit, went for production.

Marijn has been producing numerous design projects, one of them is Modular Car. When I first saw the pictures of the Modular Car, I was mesmerized by the simplicity of its design and thought it'd be a great medium to do some prints on it. And voila! I saw Marijn's Modular Car for Marcel Wanders. Marijn designed the body, interior and assembled the required elements for Marcel, with help from Maurice Blok, who built the body, and Mark van de Sande, who did the wiring. And of course, the mosaics by Marcel Wanders for his client, Bisazza. I would love to see fashion labels on Modular Car, like Kenzo, or Miu Miu, maybe? Gosh, it'd be so awesome!

And it's not just that. Marijn has been producing own furniture line, latest is the CHAIRMAN. It's a chair that floats on a film of air, and though weighs over 200 pounds moves effortlessly through a room. How cool is that! So do you want to be a Superman? here's your chance, get the CHAIRMAN here.


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