Brand Van Egmond

Have you seen this on the magazines? I found this White Flower Power Chandelier on spaces, a magazine from UK, issue 15, 2005. It was my first encounter with spaces, and lots of amazing stuff there. This is just one of them. 2 designers behind Brand van Egmond are the creators of this Flower Power Chandelier, William Brand & Annet van Egmond. It's just like a piece of sculpture used as a ceiling light. Beautiful masterpiece. It comes in White, Black & Glass Nickel. Its tag price? well, it doesn't say exactly for this particular one, but spaces quotes a cool 3630 GBP for a bigger version of Flower Power Chandelier! woaaah... You can find selected Brand van Egmond lights at European Design Centre (EDC), London, UK, too.
That's not all, Brand van Egmond has designed more than just lightings. They have accessories and furniture as well, but their lightings are my top favorites. I love the effects from their lights, so mystical... (pic below). Visit them here.


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