Ross Lovegrove

I remember his name vividly, Ross Lovegrove after I read a magazine recently at Kinokuniya BookStore, *my favorite hangout*, but I can't recall which of his creations that was featured on the magazine. Gosh! This is what happened if you bring a toddler along to a bookstore. ;-) You would forget most of the things you've read once she asks you to get out of the store. Yeah, I do listen to my girl. Anyway, Lovegrove's site only shows his contact numbers. So I did a search on this guy. Ross Lovegrove is apparently one of the world's leading industrial designers. *gulp, pardon me, I'm really ignorant on this* and it's his SystemX lightings that made me remember his name. I love his BD love seat, too, which doubles as a public seat and a lamp. Brilliant! For those of you who are just as ignorant as I am, check out his slide show and story on BusinessWeek Online: Lovegrove: Naturally Creative. Yes, he is.


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