Natassja's BIG DAY

Today is a BIG day for Natassja. She's in Nursery 2 this year, and has to start wearing school uniforms. I had been telling her about the school uniforms, new teachers, new classroom, and the bus ride during the school holiday. She cried when I showed the uniforms and refused to try it on. Then she told me she doesn't want to go back to school anymore.

So I was expecting a morning chaos today, her first day at Nursery 2. I put on the school uniform while she was still sleeping. And when she woke up, she cried, but stopped after I picked her up. We waited for the bus together. I guess she thought I'd come with her into the bus, 'coz she looked so confused when the bus attendant put her down on a seat and saw me stood outside the bus. But she didn't cry.

Then I drove to her school and met her up there, took her to her new classroom and new teachers. She was hanging tight to my legs, refusing to enter the classroom. But when the teacher grabbed and carried her to the classroom, she didn't cry, she was just quiet and hugged the teacher tightly. When I left her, she was still sitting on the teacher's lap, confused, listening to the teacher and watching her friends play.

The teacher said she was okay throughout the day, and was willing to participate in the class. It's a relief knowing that she's able to take such big changes without crying or looking for mommy. Aaah, she's a big girl now... I'm so proud of her... but, I'm gonna miss the little Natassja...



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