That's right, I said GAP. This is the BEST news I've heard so far in 2006! I was jumping for joy, after I heard it on NEWS5 (Ch 5 Mediacorp TV) last night. Actually, I'm still jumping now.... :-) This is so much better than hearing Santa is coming to town.. *well, it's not like Santa will ever come to town, 'coz we don't have chimneys here..*

GAP will come with its GAP baby, GAP kids and the first GAP store is planned to be open later this year! Yipee !! it's happening in 2006! it's going to be the first GAP store in SouthEast Asia! and what's more... Banana Republic will open its door in Singapore in 2007!

FJ Benjamin, the GAP franchisee, plan to open 30 stores in Singapore and Malaysia by 2010. I'm so glad we live in Singapore! Okay honey, we're not moving anywhere... we're stuck in Singapore permanently! :)

I can't help it, I'm so thrilled !! it'll bring back so many good memories from my college years in the states... all the shopping haunts with my best friends... geez, I miss those times...

Hopefully with GAP stepping into Singapore, other giant retailers will be looking at this tiny, teeny island, Singapore. And who knows... Victoria's Secret might come next.., then Singapore might not look so tiny, teeny afterall....

Well, it's one good news for me, but not-so-good news for my dear hubby... ;-)


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