HUGONET by Grupo Kettal

Here's one lively beach/pool furniture, HUGONET, Paris. It is run by Grupo Kettal, whose headquarter is in Barcelona. They accept orders worldwide, be it commercial or consumer orders. So you could actually own one of these in your own premises. That is, if you have your own pool, or live on beachfront, or if you own a resort/hotel. ;-) You could choose your own colors, on the aluminium structure and on the polyester vynil fabric, and have them shipped to you. If you have a gigantic garden like this pic below, you could have the whole set for garden party! *tsk, tsk, tsk... definitely for the riches...*

My favorites are the cute side table, which you can just flip its top when it's not used, and the folding transat. These two are good enough for sitting pretty on my balcony. :) Hmmm.., in cool colors would be nice...


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