IvanaHelsinki Spring/Summer 2008

Fabulously Gorgeous!! What more can I say? IvanaHelsinki has always been one of my personal favorites. I could hardly breathe when I first saw the pictures Pirjo sent me (above pics), and the catwalk pictures shown on fashionFinland.com (below pics). It's totally a different excitement seeing the bambi patterns Pirjo showed me last July, than seeing these patterns on actual clothings. It simply turns "oooh"s to "wow"s.

Don't miss the first ever interview with Paola Suhonen, the designer behind IvanaHelsinki, available on YouTube, conducted by Janne of Design Finland! On the interview, Paola talks more about IvanaHelsinki and her latest collection, Diamond, Stripes and Revolver, for Spring/Summer 2008. And if you'd like to see her collection first-hand, visit IvanaHelsinki at Vendome, Paris Fashion Week, on October 4 to 7, 2007.

hmmm, I wonder if Billet Doux would have these gorgeous dresses here soon. ;-)

Thanks Pirjo for the invitation!


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