I got smitten!

Look! I got smitten last night. Literally. Yesterday was the first day of "Print Your Fabric" course. Yay! Thanks to this lady and this lady who helped in spreading the words about the course (and taking the course!).

And surprise, surprise, this lady brought me the debut issue of smitten! Project Smitten is the newest magazine in town, and it's all about shopping, shopping, shopping! So if you need anything to "furnish" yourself, from head to toe, or to furnish your home, smitten is the answer. But read at your own "wallet" risk. I'm eyeing on some of the items already. :)

So yes, last night I met ms. spinach and Su Ling for the first time. Ruzana was there too, but I've met her few times before. It's so nice to be in a class filled with inspiring ppl like them.

oh btw, I spotted one lady in our class carrying this Jill Bliss journal. Swoon.


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