I've seen favoritsaker.se products featured on swedish magazines and around the blogland before. I remember seeing it over at Roomservice and Hemfeber before, so it's a nice surprise to see its newsletter in my mail this time.

You could find lovely items from Rice, Sandra Isaksson, Lotta K├╝hlhorn, koziol, and more at favoritsaker.se. And they also have this Alice plate I bought in Finland. I know the site is in Swedish, but it's no harm to have some visual treats, right? :)

btw, these koziol fruit/dessert tiered servers are so popular! Really. I've seen them too many times on japanese books and scandinavian magazines. And fyi, koziol will be at the Takashimaya Atrium Hall starting this weekend during the "best of brands" Germany promotion. ;-) Happy browsing!

Thanks, favoritsaker.se!


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