TRIBE, Singapore

I was excited when I saw TRIBE products via The Home Rejuvenation Blog last week, and noticed they'd be at the MAADout By The Bay last weekend. So I headed down there last Sunday, with one thing in mind. I gotta have that ivory Pretty Catty hanger! must, must, must have!! *crazy obsessive shopper!* :)

So finally I shot (with a camera!) my very own Pretty Catty hanger this morning (see pic on top left) to show it off here. :) I bought the silver Purr hook as well, but I'm still debating where to put it, so I don't have its photo yet. But TRIBE has a nice gallery photo of it (shown on top right).

I met Wan Chin of TRIBE at the MAADout By The Bay and chatted a bit. She told me there are three graphic designers behind TRIBE, but she's not one of them. She said she's just helping in marketing and promoting the products. And guess what..., she mentioned design*sponge as a source of inspirations for TRIBE. They saw tons of new and exciting things on d*s and determined to create something on their own. Now they have necklaces, coasters, brooches, hooks, and hangers available on their site. *amazing story, isn't it?*

They are currently looking for buyers (retail or wholesale) from all over the world. If you are interested in purchasing any of their items, you could visit their website and email them, OR head down to the next MAAD, happening this Sat and Sun, Aug 4 & 5, 2007, 11am to 7pm at the red dot museum, 28 Maxwell Road, Singapore. Happy Hunting!


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