It's a spoon, it's a fork, and yes, it's a knife, too! Spork was designed by Joachim Nordwall for Light My Fire, a Swedish outdoor accessories manufacturer. I found Spork when I visited DesignTorget store at Gƶtgatan 31, Stockholm, last June. They placed them at the cashier counters, so you definitely won't miss it. :)

At first, I didn't know that Spork was mainly created for people who likes to camp, or hike. When I saw it, I just thought it is such a brilliant product. And being a mom who likes to bring a cutlery set for toddler feeding, it is so convenient to just have them in one single piece, like Spork. So I bought one for my youngest daughter, Tamara, and one for my nephew. And we've been carrying the pink Spork, whenever we bring Tamara out, ever since.


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