Joanna Eriksson, Sweden

I saw Joanna's lace necklaces at the Nordiska museet last June, and dropped her an email last week when I couldn't find the pictures on her site. She replied, and few days later, she came back with a nice write up about herself and her work. Below is the story.

Joanna Eriksson is a 35-year-old product designer from Sweden. She's been working from a studio located at a small town in Småland, Sweden for about a year now. Previously, she studied Product Design and one term of Glass Design in Sweden. Her work is mainly about furniture and lighting products for public environment, but she also likes working with jewellery.

Her current project is a large sculptural bench for public environment, which is more like an experiment for her. She's trying to stretch her work a little further by challenging herself to work in a much larger scale than she used to. She's also in the midst of creating a lamp for a design competition in Sweden.

The jewellery pieces, exhibited at the Nordiska museet, are some of Joanna's experimental work by using lace, silver and pearls. She really likes to make things that she can produce herself, and jewellery is so much fun to work with, as she said.

To me, all Joanna's work are so aesthetically pleasant to see, making me want to own every piece she made. *too bad my wallet speaks differently*. It'd be hard to forget her work, because with such lovely pieces, they are surely making marks on everybody's mind. Well, at least on mine. :)

Thanks Joanna, and good luck in the competition!


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