Singapore Airlines Uniform, A Design Classic.

That's one great news to hear on our National Day; the day when Kay of Wallpaper* emailed me about it. As Kay said, "Each month Wallpaper* features an iconic and well-recognised design piece in our Design Classics section - never before have we featured a uniform".

For the September '07 issue, Wallpaper* is featuring our very own Singapore Airlines uniform, designed by Pierre Balmain in 1968, as an enduring classic. And guess what, the article mentioned that each crew gets 4 new uniforms each year. So hold on to your uniforms, ladies. They're not just merely uniforms now. :) Read the complete story here.

Thanks, Kay!

*btw, I remember seeing some shops selling child-size Singapore Airlines uniforms at some tourists spots years ago (before I had kids), but I rarely see them now. Anybody knows where to find them?"


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