Manish Arora

Well, I'm not a fashionista myself, but with rich and vibrant colors and textures like Manish Arora's collections, I'd make a room for these gorgeous. If I could ever afford it, that is! ;-)

I first saw him on the Elle Decoration UK March 2006 edition. Then I saw him again in local newspaper last week, The Straits Times, April 14, 2006 for his coverage at India Fashion Festival, which has just ended recently. He has way too many amazing pieces that I have to talk about. :)

Manish Arora is India's most sought-after fashion designer. The 33-year-old designer graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi in 1994, and established his label "Manish Arora" in 1997, and "Fish Fry" in 2001. His collections are available at selected retailers worldwide from India to U.A.E., France, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Turkey, Russia, U.S.A, and more. He has been known to dress the riches and famous stars. With the fine detailings, gorgeous patterns, and rich colors like these, you'd understand why. :) Check out his collections at London Fashion Week 2006, here. They are marvelous!

Credits: The top picture was taken from The Straits Times, April 14, 2006. The bottom picture was taken by Clara Molden/The Times, UK.


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