Ketna Patel

Some of you might have seen Ketna Patel's Asia Pop on selected local magazines before, but hey, why not tell the world that we have a real talent here in Singapore. ;-)

Ketna Patel is an African-born Indian artist, who was raised in Kenya, educated in London where she obtained degrees in Architecture and Interior Design. She moved to Singapore 11 years ago after being invited to work with the architectural design team of the Esplanade Art Centre project. Today, Ketna is focused on developing Asian art that reflects the diversity and richness of contemporary Asia. Her Asia Pop artworks are actually the large derivatives of collages that have been screened onto canvas and then hand-coated in resin. Her other works include woodcuts, photo collages, paper collages, paintings, and commissioned artworks.

You can obviously see the diversity and richness of her art. That's what I love the most about her. I hope you all enjoy her works as much as I do. :)


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