Jason Gaylor

Well, this is not a home/lifestyle related post, but for a brilliant-generous-humble-kind graphic designer like Jason Gaylor, I just have to talk about him here! I found him thru lola-news!, and he's just awesome! He created Fresh Foliage high-resolution Photoshop brushes for free! I can't believe he's doing this while he can actually make a fortune out of these impressive brushes!

As Jason explains on his Design Fruit blog: ".. whether it be print, web, or other media, feel free to use the brushes however you see fit. Free for the taking means free for the taking." All he asks is for him to see the works where his brushes are being used. He's so unbelievable!! Check out his other works and his interview with the Design Inspiration. To keep producing good works like these, Jason also welcomes donations. Above right is my sample work using Jason's brushes. What do you think? :)

Hey wait, I can make this post related for home use after all. ;-) Here are two other possible ways to use Jason's brushes, but of course, you need to have Adobe Photoshop to use the brushes (see the requirements on Jason's site).
  • Once you create an image using the brushes, bring it to any large-format printers in your city for a poster size, frame it and ready for a display in your home. Of course, you could always print it at home if you prefer size A4 or smaller.
  • Or, if you'd like to have something like this, just get the image of one foliage brush and have it done as a vynil graphic to any size/color you want, and voila, you have your very own wall tattoo! :)

These brushes are fun! Thanks, Jason!

NOTE: Jason has just uploaded new Graffiti brushes with certain restrictions apply. btw, if you can't seem to connect to his site, you might want to try again on different timing, 'coz there are too many ppl are loving his brushes! :)


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