Coffee with Danielle..

I've just met with one of iG readers, Danielle, for a cup of coffee at one of Coffee Bean outlets. And boy, am I so glad to have met her! She is one terrific lady from Australia, who's happened to be the agent for MOZI Designs in Singapore.

I was told that MOZI items will be available soon at selected retailers in Singapore, so watch out for these lovelies on the magazines! I'm pretty sure they'll become stylists' favorites in home decor magazines.

Danielle showed me the latest designs from MOZI, but too bad I can't find them on their website. Nevertheless, I'm just so excited that MOZI's items will finally be here! Thanks to Danielle. :)

O'yes, one last thing... Danielle carries another brillliant product from her homeland, Australia, which I'd post about it tomorrow. :) Sorry folks, I've promised myself, only one post per day (well, not really everyday though. Ha!), otherwise my life could go crazy here. ;-)


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