It's time to cuckoo!

I posted this cuckoo clock some time ago, and have been getting enquiries about it. It's such a hit in Japan, it really is a sold-out item there. Well... here's the good news for Singapore fans of Diamantini & Domeniconi's Cuckoo Forest by Pascal Tarabay. It is now available in Singapore at Blue Canopy. FYI, Blue Canopy's site doesn't offer online purchase, and it doesn't display the cuckoo there either. So head down to their shop. Btw, they call it Cucu Clock here, it's the same stuff, same deal. It's available in White and Light Blue. I want Black. Bring in the Black, folks! Gosh, worldwide shortage of the black one. :)

In U.S., you can find it at Antropologie, Conran Shop, and Unica Home. For New Zealand, visit Nest.


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