To cuckoo or not to cuckoo

I've never been a fan of cuckoo clocks before. In fact, the cuckoo clock I got from my relatives couple years back, is sitting still in my closet. But few days ago, I saw a White DIAMANTINI & DOMENICONI Cuckoo Forest by Pascal Tarabay in a French mag. And I'm totally hooked! I went searching for it over the net, but could only get its pictures on a japanese site, NOASIS, an online home decor shop. It seems that they have pretty good details on Cuckoo Forest, such as its sound, designer, and manufacturer. But hey, it's just my guess, 'coz I have no knowledge of Jap, so go check it out if you do. Anyway, all I know DIAMANTINI & DOMENICONI is an italian clock manufacturer, and Pascal Tarabay is the brilliant lebanese designer behind this alluring cuckoo. More about Pascal Tarabay on The Daily Star, click here.
Cuckoo Forest


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