Thank You, Abigail!

I've just received a Selvedge back issue from Abigail today. She had a double copy of this issue and sent one for me. She's so thoughtful! I'm so delighted to receive it. :) Thank you so much, Abigail! She sent it along with a postcard of her beautiful Begonia brooch. What a lovely piece. It looks so real on the postcard, doesn't it?

Abigail Percy is currently working on her latest jewelry collection, but you can view some of them on her flickr site. Above are my top picks. With beautiful design and fine craftsmanship, it's hard not to fall in love with her jewelry. I'm sure you'll find your favorite pieces there. :) Okay, I'm off to read my Selvedge now.

UPDATE Feb 10, 2006:
Abigail Percy Jewelry is now available for online purchase at


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