Heat Wave by Joris Laarman

What a lovely wall decoration piece... well, that was I thought it was, when I first saw this picture. It's actually a decorative radiator, Heat Wave, by Joris Laarman. This concrete radiator, measured 60x70 centimeters, can be linked together and make one wonderful object. The prototype was made in 2003 in search for an ornamental and necessary form. As quoted on his website, "...functionalists are also sinners of styling, and that soberness is not always more functional than highly decorative form." Heat Wave was part of his graduation showcase in 2003, and it's been a permanent collection at Droog Design since then.

Starting this year, Heat Wave will be in production for the consumer market. The radiator's electrical version was presented by Droog Design at Ambiente 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany. For more details, click here.


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