Rizalman Ibrahim Couture

I don't usually feature fashion here, but with great collections like these, I just gotta talk about it. Rizalman Ibrahim is a Malaysian fashion designer, launched his own high fashion label in 1995. Specializing in made-to-measure, Rizalman Ibrahim Couture offers highest quality fabric and personalized attention to each individual clients.
I like his Sex & City and Mega Mendung collections. He has the most gorgeous kebayas I've ever seen! FYI, these are the modern version of kebaya, not the traditional ones. For those of you who'd like to know what kebaya is, click here for more details. I never get a chance to wear kebaya before, so I couldn't tell you how to wear one. For beginners like me, I would need instructions to put it on. But of course, you wouldn't need that if you wear the modern kebayas like Rizalman's pieces. :)


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