I could be the last person to blog about these. Oh yes. Too many things going on lately, and I'm rather slow catching up with great things happening in the blogland. But these ppl deserve another row of applause.

The House that Friendships Built by Crust Station
Babel of Crust Station revealed her collaborated art project with blog friends last December. You can obviously see there were a lot of hours and hard work spent in making one room, making every single room such a precious artwork. Hats off to all the creators of The House that Friendships Built!

Abigail A. Percy's new online shop
Abigail, known for her fine craftmanship(!), launched her new online shop recently, in addition to her etsy shop. You could find all her signature designs (entirely handmade!) in her native currency, British Pound, on this new online shop.

BloesemKids blog by Irene Hoofs
BloesemKids is another great blog specializing in children products, launched last December by the super genius Irene Hoofs of Bloesem. If you know Bloesem and if you love kids products as much as I do, then you'd pretty much want to add BloesemKids into your daily reads. But beware, your reading could end up with a hole in your pocket! :)

Lovely Hearts 2 by artstream
lovely hearts charity exhibitSusan of Art Esprit will be having Lovely Hearts 2 exhibition in February 2008, raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to honor her dear friend Tamara, who's battling against breast cancer. Lovely Hearts 2 exhibition will show artwork which celebrates all that is love (not just hearts), in all its aspects and invites artists around the world to enter. Dateline for submission is Januray 21. Please click here for details.

Friends on blogland
I'd also like to welcome my printmaking instructor, Mariann Johansen-Ellis, and my dear friend, Dhania Ayu Kumara, to the blogland.

Mariann plans to share different kind of printmaking techniques that she has tried on her blog, Art Can Be Fun, and would love to find other printmakers who would like to contribute as well. Click here to welcome her.

Dhania, a graphic designer, is one of our (my husband and I) closest friends. We used to hang out together during our single and early marriage years with bunch of other friends. What a fun time we had. :) But she moved to Canada some years ago, and she's now a mother of an adorable little girl. We never really talked about our work whenever we went out together, so when I saw her portfolio recently, I was so impressed! She designed packaging for some big brands that most indonesians grew up with. *gosh, that Baygon Mosquito Killer spray in our house is actually her design work!* I hope to see more of her great work on her blog, dhania's scribbles. Welcome to blogland, dear. :)


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